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AIR Suction Dent Pulling KIT

SKU   077379

This AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER is an impressive tool for auto body professionals performing dent removal. Its patented design offers a non-glued, replaceable seal for easy alteration and 4 pads for enhanced grip and stability. There is no need for anything else, simply connect an airline and the vacuum generated under the product is guaranteed to hold up to 350 kg of force!

It is a reliable and powerful dent-pulling system, capable of up to 350 kg of force across its 1.3 m max. pulling height. With a 6 mm wire rope at a 1.5 ton tensile strength, a 6-tooth claw for easy attachment, and a silencer for reduced noise level, this lightweight (31Kg) device is convenient and efficient. In addition, its no-tool slide system enables quick height adjustments, while its angled gear enables downward pulling.

Dimensions 120 x 39 x 10cm