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1.6MM C

Parweld CERIATED Tungsten Electrodes - GREY

These are best in DC mode at low amperage. They give excellent starting and so are popular with steel pipe fabricating and thin plates. It's best on carbon steel, stainless steel titanium and nickel alloys. Using at high temperatures isn't recommended. Ceriated electrodes can also be used in AC mode although I prefer White Zirconiated.

Different sizes available in diameter and length

  • 1.6mm x 150mm
  • 1.6mm x 175mm
  • 2.0mm x 150mm
  • 2.0mm x 175mm
  • 2.4mm x 150mm
  • 2.4mm x 175mm
  • 3.2mm x 150mm
  • 3.2mm x 175mm

Tungsten Electrode Guidelines For TIG Welding