Boron Steel Spot Weld Removal Drill UHSS/HSS 8mm 

SKU 053069

Tungsten Carbide is extremely hard and so this drill can break easily if used incorrectly or with the incorrect tool.

They are called a drill but the actually "mill" the spot weld out and so need a low-speed drill to be used. Max 900 rpm

Ensure the drill bit is at 90 Degrees to the panel at all times.

They are not designed to drill holes, although you can this makes breaking easier.

Works with  GYS Toparc Drill and drills of this type.

- Specially coated with a lubricant for long life.
- Works with GYS Toparc Drill and drills of this type.

Material Tungsten Carbide
Part No. 053069
Edges 3 Fluted
Size 8mm