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GYS Heavy-duty Car Movement Trolley 1.2 Tonne

SKU. 059047

GYS AUTOROLL VEHICLE MOVEMENT TROLLEY is designed to move damaged vehicles in both Mechanical and Accident Repair Centers, quickly, safely and easily regardless of presence of mechanics. The adjustable arms can accommodate all types of vehicles. Usage of frame clamps with the 1.2T model is highly advisable to move long vehicles over rough terrain. The trolley is mobile and secure with 90° rotation of wheel supports, easy positioning, and two wheels with brakes.

Additionally, the lifting rails can extend to 1.7m, stabilisation pads are included, and lower frame clamps are optional. The robust structure is mechanically reinforced and can support up to 1,200 kg. 

Key Features

Capacity  1200kg
Maximum Height 361mm
Minimum width 1700mm
Nett Weight 56kg
Download GYS 059047 Autoroll Movement Trolley Brochure