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TELWIN DOCTOR CHARGE 50B Battery Manager: Advanced 12/24V Maintenance and Recovery


For complete maintenance of 12/24V Wet, Gel, AGM, MF, Spiral, and Start-Stop batteries, plus support activities for auto dealers, repair shops, and workshops, the TELWIN DOCTOR CHARGE 50 BATTERY MANAGER offers Power Stream technology for up to 50% more efficiency than traditional battery chargers, and Pulse Tronic technology for optimized charging across 8 phases.


1. Automatic charge and maintenance of batteries with PULSE TRONIC technology, even in difficult environmental conditions (low temperatures); 
2. Carries out battery tests such as the voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator; 
3. Recovery of sulphated or very discharged batteries, and recovery of optimal operation with periodic regeneration; 
4. Stable power supply source for battery changes (to protect the on-board electronics), for diagnostic activities (operation checks carried out on the vehicles), for keeping the batteries of display vehicles in showrooms operational.


Suitable for wall mounting with use of wall support kit model 803066

Optional Longer Cables:
802793   6 Metre
802794   10 Metre


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 Discover the benefits of a doctor charge 50

1. Efficient 12/24V Battery Maintenance: The TELWIN DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager takes the hassle out of maintaining your batteries. It offers precise charging voltage and current control for 6V, 12V, and 24V batteries, ensuring optimal charging without overloading or damaging them.

2. Enhanced Battery Recovery: Revive weak or deeply discharged batteries with the DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager. Its intelligent charging algorithms detect and recover batteries that have lost their capacity, bringing them back to life and saving you from costly replacements.

3. Extended Battery Life: Say goodbye to premature battery failures. By providing the perfect charging profile and preventing overcharging or undercharging, the DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager helps maximize the lifespan of your batteries. Enjoy longer usage cycles and reliable performance.

4. Versatile Charging Capabilities: This battery manager is a true multi-tasker. With a charging current of 40/40/12 amps and a boost current of 40 amps, it is suitable for a wide range of battery types, including standard lead-acid, AGM, gel, and calcium batteries. Whether it's for your car, boat, RV, or workshop, the DOCTOR CHARGE 50 has got you covered.

5. Quick and Powerful Starting Assistance: Need a boost to start your vehicle? The DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager provides a hefty start current of 70 amps, ensuring reliable engine ignition even in challenging conditions. Say goodbye to frustrating moments of a weak battery leaving you stranded.

6. Intelligent Charging Technology: The DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager is equipped with advanced microprocessor-controlled technology, constantly monitoring the battery's voltage, temperature, and charging status. This intelligent system adjusts the charging process accordingly, guaranteeing safe and efficient charging every time.

7. User-Friendly Design: Operating the "NEW" DOCTOR CHARGE 50 Battery Manager is a breeze. Its intuitive interface and clear display provide real-time information on charging progress, battery voltage, and more. You'll have full control over the charging process, making battery maintenance and diagnostics  hassle-free.


As electrical engineers with over 30 years experience in sales, repair and maintenance of battery chargers and BSU"s we feel we can offer you the complete support package and give you confidence in your purchase. Our team of experienced engineers  are perfectly able to answer your questions and give you quick and efficient support always.


for all battery types
control of the charge current
protection of the electronic components on-board vehicles without having to disconnect the battery from the vehicle during charging
less battery overheating during the charge phase
longer useful life to batteries

Charge Voltage 6/12 / 24 V
Charge Current 40/40/12 A
Boost Current 40A
Start Current 70A A
Max Rated Reference capacity 600Ah

Doctor 50
2.4m Charge leads