BWS Ltd are APPROVED sales and service for PROSPOT Rivet Guns. The TESLA approved Prospot PR-5 rivet gun was one of the first to be approved by them for structural rivets. The PR-5 self-piercing rivets join two or more pieces of material with the use of extreme pressure and precision machined punch and die sets. The magnetic punches hold the rivets in place making operation quick and easy. The dies complete the process and prevent the rivet from punching through the last layer of material. It allows you to join different materials such as: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, and more. We always here for advice and technical support either by chat phone or email.

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Prospot Rivet Guns For Sale

At BWS, we have multiple Prospot rivet guns for sale, and at the best prices in the industry. A Prospot rivet gun is a versatile unit that works quickly, efficiently and accurately. It is an effective riveting tool that comes with smart features including a stop-and-go trigger for better control. Our Prospot rivet guns are for sale at competitive prices and with unmatched service exclusive to BWS. Get in touch with the BWS team of in-house engineers today for further technical assistance.