At BWS, we are approved suppliers and service workshop for the Josam range of Heat Inductors. Our Qualified team of experienced engineers can service and repair your Josam induction heater either on your premises or our dedicated workshop. Discover the benefits of purchasing a Josam Induction heater form BWS and contact us today!


Heat Inductors

Induction heaters are machines that generate heat onto metallic materials using electromagnetic induction. They apply a high frequency alternating current to an induction coil on the torch and when this is placed close to a ferrous material heat is generated when it enters the magnetic field produced at the end of the torch.

All metals can be heated to varying effect, but iron, steel and stainless steel materials heat quickest.

Yes, and its much safer? Induction heaters cannot cause damage to nearby components as the only heat up the material placed into the magnetic field. The also heat faster and are more controllable than using Oxygen and Acetylene.

When choosing a heat inductor we would ask what you are using it for and for how long. You would then need to consider the out put needed to heat this efficiently and if used for long periods you maty need water cooling. A typical truck workshop would maybe use a 3kW.

JOSAM is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy duty truck frame, axle, and wheel alignment equipment. Their Induction range is considered the worlds best for commercial bodyshop and workshop use.

Josam JH400 Heat Inductor

Josam Induction Heating

Josam induction heating systems are the key to safe, flameless heating that doesn't damage nearby components. These are considered to be a more cost-effective solution than the alternatives, which makes them a popular choice for welders worldwide. The BWS team is made up of expert engineers that have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. When you shop with us, you get much more than just your high-quality equipment. You get access to free technical support with the BWS, whenever you need it.