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The Fronius TranSteel  3000 Pulse - Spatter Free Welding Of steel

Introducing the Fronius TransSteel 3000 Pulse, the ultimate solution for flawless welding of steel. Say goodbye to the frustrations of spatter and imperfections in your welds. With its innovative spatter-free technology, this cutting-edge welding machine ensures your welding projects achieve unparalleled precision and quality.

The TransSteel 3000C Pulse is designed to provide you with a seamless welding experience. Our state-of-the-art technology minimises spatter, eliminating the need for time-consuming clean-up and rework. Experience the joy of smooth, flawless welds

The Fronius 3000C pulsed gives a TIG-like welding appearance using MIG 

Comes as standard with the Fronius torch connection but a Euro Connection Torch can also be fitted. 

    This product is professionally installed on your premises (UK Only) by one of our technical support engineers.

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    Power and Performance

    With the Fronius TransSteel 3000 Pulse, your welding possibilities are endless. This remarkable machine combines power, versatility, and ease of use to bring out your inner welding artist. Whether you're a professional welder or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this welder empowers you to create remarkable structures, repair metalwork, and explore a wide range of applications.

    This versatile welding powerhouse is capable of handling various steel thicknesses and types, providing you with the flexibility to tackle projects of any scale. Whether it's automotive, construction, fabrication, or artistic welding, the TransSteel 3000C Pulse delivers consistent and reliable results every time.

    Efficiency Meets Durability for Unmatched Performance

    Experience the pinnacle of welding performance with the Fronius TransSteel 3500 Pulse. Engineered to perfection, this welding machine offers unrivalled efficiency and durability, ensuring optimal productivity and lasting value.

    Equipped with advanced features such as intelligent cooling and energy-saving modes, the TransSteel 3000C Pulse optimises power consumption while keeping performance at its peak. This not only saves you money on energy costs but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

    Crafted with robust materials and built to withstand the harshest working conditions, this welding machine is a reliable companion for years to come. Invest in the TransSteel 3000C Pulse, and you'll enjoy a welding experience that exceeds your expectations, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating exceptional results.

    Advanced digital control
    Easy to use the front panel
    Wire diameter 0.6mm - 1.2mm
    Flux Cored programs
    4 roll wire feed system
    3 years warranty

    Manufacturer Fronius
    Part No.Air Cooled
    Duty Cycle 300A @ 60%
    Mains voltage 400V
    Mains fuse 35A
    Dimension / b 300mm
    Dimension / l 747mm
    Weight 26.45 kg

    3000C P 4R/FSC Synergic,
    MTG 320i-FSC-3,5m
    Feeder roll U 0,9-1,0 (4 pcs)
    Ground Cable/ earth clamp/ regulator

    3000C P 4R/FSC Synergic
    MTW 400i / FSC / UD / 4.5m / 45 ° / LED
    FK 5000 cooling device
    Feeder roll U 0,9-1,0 (4 pcs)
    Ground Cable/ earth clamp
    TU Car4 Pro