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  • ATA AOM-133 Testing Onsite
    December 3, 2019 paul jones

    ATA AOM-133 Testing Onsite

    From January 2020 the IMI will replace the existing AOM-030 Bond & Rivet qualification with the AOM-133 Bonding & Mechanical Fastenings.

    IMI AOM-133 can now be carried out on-site!

    The module assesses a technicians’ ability to follow a researched repair method to remove existing bonded and mechanically fixed panels, apply blind rivets, self-piercing rivets, flow form rivets and use structural adhesives in conjunction with a reinforcement plate.

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  • 5 Checks To Do Before You Weld
    November 26, 2019 paul jones

    5 Checks To Do Before You Weld

    MIG MAG welding is widely used in automobile repair shops and over many years of repairing and teaching welding, these are the 5 checks I would recommend you do before you even weld on the car.
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  • spot welding on an automobile
    November 15, 2019 paul jones

    Are Smart Spot Welders Really Smart?

    The "expert"  or "smart" modes on spot welders are essentially programming.  An engineer at the factory has carried out hundreds of welds on the stipulated thickness weld tags and carried out destructive tests.  Once he reaches the desired settings and weld appearance for the chosen material he then places this setting in the welder.
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  • Whats Stronger a Spot Weld or a MAG Weld On THLE Steels?
    October 15, 2019 paul jones

    Whats Stronger a Spot Weld or a MAG Weld On THLE Steels?

     Illustrating the shear strength of a spot weld compared to a MIG plug weld in THLE Steel ( very high elastic limit MPa = 400 <Re <600 MPa). 

    The test, In this case, illustrated that the spot weld had an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 3261Kg compared to 1294Kg for an 8mm MIG plug weld. 

    The test highlights that if performed correctly a spotweld is, in fact, stronger than a MIG weld in THLE steel at a thickness of 2.5mm 

    Without getting too technical let's have a quick look at why this may be on HLSE.

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  • Aluminium rivet systems and SPR rivets
    September 20, 2019 paul jones

    Why Do We Bond and Rivet On Modern Automobiles

    Riveting of vehicle panels (especially aluminium) is becoming more of the norm nowadays but it is still mostly applicable to the more expensive vehicles. Over the last 20 years, manufacturers have developed there techniques and equipment have become more sophisticated.
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