November 21, 2023 2 min read

GLUE REPAIR DELUXE is the professional glue repair system designed specifically for repairing damage to exterior car body panels.

Exploring the New Telwin Glue Puller Deluxe Kit: Quality and innovation in Auto Repair

In the world of automotive repair, having the right tools can make all the difference. That's why the recent release of the Telwin Glue Puller Deluxe Kithas sparked excitement among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Telwin, known for its high-quality welding and workshop equipment, has now ventured further into the realm of auto body repair and added this new innovative tool kit to its "smart" repair range

This comprehensive glue kit includes everything you will need to effect a wide variety of repairs on damaged car body panels.

 Telwin glue puller kit complete

Smart repairs are now at the forefront of any body repair shop and Telwin have an impressive range of equipment in this area. The new Telwin Glue Repair Kit Deluxe is a great new addition to this range

The kit includes a quality lithium battery hot melt glue gun with adjustable temperature; and then, everything you need for traction and working including a puller hammer, compact traction puller, aluminium hammer with interchangeable heads and super glue remover spray.

Telwin Glue Kit suction cups

The set also includes a wide variety of tools all designed to meet the needs of the various stages of repair using glue: suction cups in various shapes and sizes.

Also included is two types of glue (Elastic and Strong) used depending on the type of damage to be repaired.

Hot Glues for dent repair


The glue repair kit deluxe comes in sturdy carry case designed to carry all your equipment safely, meaning you have everything to hand for fast efficient repairs.


telwin Glue puller kit case

GLUE REPAIR DELUXE completes Telwin’s offer dedicated to Smart Repair by creating complete and efficient solutions with patented products such as the Telwin Battery Puller and the T-Raction 250 puller arm. 

The glue puller kit is a great addition to the T-Raction-250 for fast efficient paintless dent repairs anywhere in your workshop.

 tewin smart repair equipment


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