April 03, 2023 2 min read

GYS have a growing reputation for the quality of there  battery chargers and battery support units. One thing thats always been missing  from the range though is 24V. This has now been corrected with the launch of the The new range of battery support units for the increasing level of electronics employed in modern commercial vehicles.



The need to protect these systems when the vehicle is in the workshop is crucial. The battery support unit guarantees that voltage levels are maintained safely, especially during 'engine off, ignition on' work. Without this support, the vehicle's electronic systems operate solely from the battery, which can quickly exceed its capability. This can lead to costly damage to the ECU or other modules during diagnostic or programming operations, making the battery support unit an essential tool for technicians.

Gysflash protects your onboard electronics

The GYS battery support unit delivers a reliable solution for battery maintenance in the CV sector by ensuring the vehicle's electronic systems are protected.

The GYSFlash Pro 24V range by GYS has been designed to meet the growing demands of high-quality, reliable battery support units in CV workshops.

GYSflash Lithium battery charge curves

The range offers outputs of 30A, 50A, and 100A, specifically designed for commercial vehicle applications. Apart from its advanced battery support unit capabilities, the GYSFlash is an extremely sophisticated battery charger that can charge all lead-acid battery types, as well as the latest generation of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, offering advanced protection for vehicle electronics.

It is important to note that Lithium batteries require a specific charging curve, which GYSFlash can provide. Furthermore, all 24V models operate safely on 12V applications.


For operators and repairers who want to future-proof their workshop, GYS offers GYSFlash with Connected technology. This feature allows the chargers to be connected to a keyboard to enter customer, vehicle, or battery details. A barcode scanner can also be used to identify the battery, and a printer can report battery charging data.


The GYSFlash can also receive software updates to meet specific vehicle manufacturer requirements. Additionally, charging data can be extracted digitally. The GYSFlash Pro range also offers a range of accessories, such as a trolley, wall support unit, and heavy-duty equipment. With its advanced features and capabilities, the GYSFlash Pro 24V range is a reliable solution for battery maintenance in commercial vehicle applications.


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