October 10, 2020 1 min read

 GYS Announces a  New Partnership With Tesla

World technological leader in spot welding for car repairs, GYS obtained its first spot welding certification in 2014 from Tesla.

The French manufacturer has just obtained a second approval for its new generation of Pulsed MIG type arc welding stations (AutoPulse 220). This second approval strengthens the technical cooperation between the two companies
and will allow GYS to support the development of the Tesla network Tesla worldwide particularly in the USA and China. With this new partnership, GYS highlights its success in developing leading Pulsed MIG arc welding equipment and confirms its ability to design very high-tech products that meet the requirements of the global automotive sector.
“It is a recognition of GYS’ expertise.

We supported the Tesla teams, I think they value that we listen to their issues and that we share our knowledge with them,”underlines Bruno Bouygues.

IMS Carpulse 220-M3


The Carpulse 220-M3 is the latest generation of pulsed inverter MIG for bodyshops. It has three 4 roll wire feed systems able to run different wires from m Steel, MIG Braze and Aluminium.

The front control panel is really intuitive with a large display for clear reading of your programme parameters. 

It's really robust,  designed to give many years trouble free use and its slim design makes it ideal for manoeuvring between work bays. 

We have sold plenty of these welders and I have been impressed by the quality and the smoothness of the welding pulse. The three gun option gives it a great edge. I would definitely recommend a demonstration.




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