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Pulsed Welding, have we finally reached the stage where ONE all singing and dancing machine or ONE process can offer the complete solution to your welding needs? 

The process is Pulsed Welding and the Machine is the Fronius TransSteel 3000 C Pulsed Inverter. lets discuss:

Fronius TransSteel 3000

The Pulsed Welding Advantage.

Pulse welding offers a lot of advantages over other arc types, and this is also the case with the welding of steel. Fronius described these advantages in detail in their article“MIG/MAG pulse welding – why do we use it?”

The key finding from this article was that itmakes particular sense to move over topulsing in the intermediate arc range. This is because it is particularly in this range that increased welding spatters occur and the weld surfaces become unattractive. In some cases, this results in huge amounts of rework.

Fronius Pulsed welding

Spatter and speed are the main two reasons why pulsed welding needs to be considered in the intermediate or medium current range. The nature of the high current peaks produced  during the Pulsed Welding process can become a problem and doesn't suit the welding of thin car body panels due to the extra heat produced by the pulse. In thin car body panels Dip Transfer is still the best option. 

Fronius also say, "Pulsing is also detrimental in the high-power range because the pinch effect that occurshere with the spray arc (pinching of droplets) generates a smooth material transfer. The material basically flows into the weld pool and the arc can be guided in an extremely soft way. Pulse welding would disrupt the flow and slow the welding speeds."

 The Latest Trend

Pulsed welding is becoming the latest trend in steel welding and not just because it helps reduce spatter. Another reason for using pulse is the fact that welders don't just spend their day welding in the flat position, they also weld in tight spaces for but welds, fillet welds and more. Pulsed welding makes positional welding easier as well as faster (upto 40%). Its the perfect alternative due to its heat reduction and slightly reduced penetration.( this is what also makes it ideal for aluminium welding)

Welders describe the welding of steel as the "better way to weld" as it can require less adjustment of the parameters, relying on the power setting adjustment for the task in hand.

This makes the handling of the welding system much easier as a large portion of the power range can be covered with just one arc.

Pulse welding systems for manual welding are also available from Fronius

Have we sparked your interest in pulsing in the welding of steel? If so, we’re pleased that is the case because we have devoted a great deal of attention to this topic at Fronius. And that is why we have chosen to upgrade our product portfolio, specifically for the manual welding segment, through the addition of TransSteel Pulse. Since expanding the TransSteel series to include the pulse welding function, we have been experiencing significant demand. Further information on TransSteel Pulse can be found here.


Taken excerpts from the Fronius Welding Academy Blog Post 27. September 2021 


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