Parweld Wireless TIG Foot Pedal

The XTI 903W is a high-performance foot control that connects wirelessly to the power source using Bluetooth technology. The XTI 903W foot control works seamlessly within 10 metres of the power source, the wireless technology allows more freedom for positioning the foot control and eliminates the trip hazards associated withcable-mounted foot controls.

Excellent battery life ensures three days of continuous working and five days instandby mode. Each foot control comes with a paired Bluetooth receiver which connects to the torch socket on the front of the power source.

  • XTT202P
  • XTT212P
  • XTM 211DI
  • XTM221DI
  • XTT353P

* Please note that the XTI 903W is compatible with Parweld machines of serial number 2206 or higher. Older machines can be upgraded, so please contact sales for further details.

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X Wireless
X 10 metre operating range
X Works with our TIG, MIG and Multi-process machines
X Long lasting battery life X No cables
X Trip hazards avoided