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Smartphone Connected battery tester

THINKEASY Bluetooth battery monitor is the newest model of car battery tester/ monitor on the market.

Simply connect to the smartphone app via Bluetooth for fast easy diagnostics of your battery.

Special Functions

  • Battery Health Test
  • Start System Test
  • Charging Health Tests & Test Records
  • Test result: SOH, SOC, CCA Value, CCA rating, voltage, internal resistance, etc.
  • Provide reliable results within seconds, accuracy up to 99.9%
  • Displays suggestions according to the testing results (Good, Recharge, Replace),
  • Detects bad cells directly to understand if a new battery is needed
  • Polarity reverses connection protection

Recommended for

  • Automobile factory
  • Garage Tool
  • Auto Battery Manufacturer
  • DIY Enthusiasts
  • Mechanics
  • Glove compartment Accessory

Download the Thinkcar APP and connect via Bluetooth to use it. A simple easy-to-use battery tester without the bulky cords as your traditional vehicle battery testers.

Warranty Details

  • 1 Year Limited