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Telwin Steel and Aluminium Dent Repair Station

by Telwin

The Complete Steel and Aluminium Dent Pulling System for The Professional Repair Shop!

The set includes Digital Steel Welding, Aluminium Stud discharge welder and  all dent pulling accessories on a professional easy to manage trolley.


Touch sensitive steel Welder with Auto settings.

Capacitor Discharge welder
Double Arm puller,
Strongarm puller.
Rapid puller.
Medium Slide puller.
Multiclaw six.
Steel dent kit.
Professional Trolley.

Steel Welder

Contact Welding - Upon contact of the electrode the electronics senses  the contact with steel  and fires the weld current giving you quick and precise control.!

Its a great feature for rapid pulling !

Digital Control

Bright and easy to read display give you complete control.

There are set parameters for all tasks for speed and ease . 

Supply: 200V

Aluminium Welder

Aluminium Capacitor Discharge welder 220v. Total control with all accessories. Once the aluminium welding studs are welded onto the panel the normal steel dent pulling arms and levers can be used.

Supply: 200V

Total Quality 

From the use of High Grade Aluminium for the pulling arms and levers to the digital control electronics . The Telwin Dent puller is designed to give many years professional use!

Full Technical Backup

We have fully qualified engineers able to provide tecnical backup if you have problems or just need advice We are here to help!