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Telwin Mini Aluminium Dent Repair Station

SKU:  802853

Telwin mini dent station for aluminium car body repairs - complete with double foot puller and accessories kit.


Capacitor discharge welding machine capable of studs from 3mm to 8 mm in diameter.

It enables welding of studs on non-treated or on oxidized surfaces in steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass and, in particular, aluminium.

The welding process is so short it causes no melting of the internal metal surfaces.

It's very easy to use requiring you only set the stud diameter on the machine, press and weld.

Download Data Sheet Telwin Aluminium Mini Dent Puller manual Download

Why Buy From BWS?

As first and foremost welding engineers we understand the technology inside and out of aluminium inverter welders and how they work. With nearly 30 years experience of working in the automotive industry we also understand how body technicians works and whats required to repair car body panels, especially aluminium.

Our unrivalled expertise is at your disposal at all time either in person, by phone or chat we are always her to offer you technical support!


Q1: Can i use a normal dent puller to weld on aluminium car panels?

A1:  The answer is No, aluminium has different resistance quality compared to steel so its harder and requires more power to heat up than steel. The welders generally considered for dent repair on aluminium are in fact capacitor stud welders and they require a rather specific stud to be welded onto the vehicle so that you can pull.

Q2: Do i need to disconnect the vehicle battery when using a stud welder?

A2:  No that wont be necessary but we would recommend you use a surge protector across the vehicle battery posts.

Q3: Can i weld on Electric Vehicles (EVs) bodywork safely?

A3:  Yes you can, the vehicle bodywork and the high voltage of the drive batteries are totally isolated from the frame.