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Reciprocating Compressor Oil - High Viscosity

SKU 02352

The SIP 1ltr Advanced Compressor Oil is a specialist oil designed to easily meet the lubrication demands of modern reciprocating piston compressors, offering high anti-rust and anti-corrosion resistance.

  • 1ltr advanced compressor oil designed to meet required
    lubrication demands of modern reciprocating compressors
  • High viscosity index; giving flow rates to all moving parts
    at a low temperature, coupled with a good flow strength
  • High-performance anti-corrosion and anti-rust resistance,
    with comprehensive oxidation resistance up to 220°C
  • Conforms to VC-L DIN51352 and DIN51506 standards
  • Low carbon-forming tendencies


ITEM NO. 02352
Designed For: compressors
Bottle Size: 5ltr
Net Weight:
Gross Weight: 4.6kg
Product Dimensions:
Packaged Dimensions: 310(H) x 180(W) x 120mm(D)