Great SIP Compressor for garage or workshop Use!

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The SIP 3HP/200-SRB is powerful 3hp (2.2kW) motor belt-driven compressor featuring a heavy-duty pump for reliable trade performance, an oversized crankcase, a cast iron barrel, and an aluminium after-cooler. Ideal for a garage or workshop!

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    The SIP 3HP/200-SRB 200ltr Belt Drive Compressor is a technically advanced compressor designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

    Oil-Lubricated and Belt-Driven Compressor:  The SIP 3HP/200-SRB compressor has an oil-lubricated system and a belt-driven mechanism. The oil lubrication ensures smooth operation and optimal performance, while the belt-driven design efficiently transfers power from the motor to the compressor.

    Extra-Strong Moulded Plastic Guards for Improved Safety:  The compressor is equipped with extra-strong moulded plastic guards that enhance safety during operation. These guards provide an added layer of protection, ensuring a secure and hazard-free working environment.

    Multi-Finned Flywheel for Improved Cooling and Long Life:  The inclusion of a multi-finned flywheel in the compressor design serves multiple purposes. It improves cooling by dissipating heat more efficiently, which helps maintain optimal operating temperatures. Additionally, the flywheel's design contributes to the compressor's long service life by reducing wear and tear on internal components.

    Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Barrel for Increased Service Life: The SIP 3HP/200-SRB compressor features a heavy-duty cast iron barrel, which enhances its durability and extends its service life. The robust construction of the barrel ensures the compressor can withstand demanding working conditions and frequent use.

    Finned Manifolds and Aluminium Aftercooler for Reduced Moisture:  The compressor incorporates finned manifolds and an aluminium aftercooler to reduce moisture content in the compressed air. This feature ensures the delivery of high-quality compressed air with improved moisture reduction. The aluminium aftercooler also adds the benefit of reduced weight and enhanced corrosion resistance.

    Oversized Crankcase for Improved Lubrication:  The compressor is equipped with an oversized crankcase that enhances lubrication. The increased capacity of the crankcase ensures optimal lubrication of moving parts, reducing friction and promoting smoother operation.

    These technical features combine to create a compressor that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and durability in various trade and professional applications. 


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    - 230v (13amp) input supply
    - Powerful 3hp (2.2kW) motor
    - Oil-lubricated, belt-driven model
    - Heavy-duty 200 litre air receiver size
    - 13CFM maximum piston displacement
    - 8.5CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
    - 145psi (10 bar) max. working pressure
    - Finned manifolds and cast iron barrel
    - Extra-strong moulded belt guarding
    - Heavy-duty aluminium aftercooler
    - Durable and oversized crankcase
    - Premium Italian construction

    Input Supply: 230v (18amp)
    Motor Power: 3.0hp (2.2kW)
    Receiver Size: 200 litres
    Piston Displacement: 13CFM (368 litres/min)
    Max. Free Air Delivery: 8.5CFM (240 litres/min)
    Max. Pressure: 145psi (10 bar)
    Noise Level: 97dB(A)
    Gross Weight: 96kg
    Packaged Dimensions: 1090 x 1500 x 430mm