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Parweld XTM 211DI Multi-Process Welder: Experience Versatility and Performance


 Are you in search of a top-notch welding machine? Look no further than the Parweld XTM 211DI multi-process welder. This remarkable machine brings together MIG, AC/DC TIG, and MMA functions into one compact unit, making it a versatile solution for all your welding needs.

With its 110V/240V input power, the Parweld XTM 211DI is specifically designed for on-site welding in the UK, adhering to the required 110V input voltage. Its high-quality colour display screen ensures excellent visibility even from a distance, while the intuitive control interface simplifies weld settings, requiring little to no process knowledge.

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MIG Welding:

Equipped with both manual and fully synergic control, the Parweld XTM 211DI allows you to set your machine either through traditional means (voltage + wire feed speed) or by programming specific parameters such as wire diameter, material type, and thickness. This feature ensures optimal settings for exceptional welds in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. From 10mm thick material to as low as 0.9mm, this machine delivers consistent results. Plus, the 15kg reel capacity minimizes the need for frequent wire reel changes, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments. The Parweld XTM 211DI's MIG capabilities alone make it a worthy investment.

TIG Welding:

What sets the Parweld XTM 211DI apart from other multi-process welders is its AC/DC high-frequency TIG functionality. Unlike many competitors that only offer DC output and lift TIG arc ignition, this machine delivers superior performance. Its adjustable pulse frequency ensures aesthetically pleasing welds while reducing heat input and preventing distortion. With the added benefit of synergic control, you can effortlessly set material thickness, tungsten diameter, and other variables. The Parweld XTM 211DI excels in TIG welding aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel, providing exceptional versatility.

Arc Welding:

In addition to its advanced MIG and TIG capabilities, the Parweld XTM 211DI includes an arc welding function. With a 200 amp output, it can effortlessly handle a 4mm rod and weld materials up to 15mm thick. This feature enhances the machine's versatility, allowing you to tackle various welding projects with ease.

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Our team of welding experts at BWS is ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about specific products, need guidance on selecting the right equipment, or seek welding-related advice, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. We are dedicated to ensuring you make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results in your welding projects. We also have some of the most experienced engineers in the industry able to offer full technical support on top of what the manufacturers offer. We state that we service and repair everything we sell in-house so you can feel comfortable in your purchase both now and in the future!

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• Compact and portable
• Dual digital display
• Accepts 5kg (200mm) spools and 15Kg
• 2T/4T trigger latching
• 3 years return to base warranty
• Current control MIG and TIG Torches

MIG voltage range: 14.5V - 24V
Wire reel capacity: 5KG & 15KG
Wire feeder: 2 roll
Wire diameter: 0.6MM - 1MM
Duty cycle: 25% @ 200A
Input supply: 110V 32A / 230V 32A
Maximum current output: 140A on 110V input / 200A on 230V input
Recommended generator rating: 7 KVA
Enclosure rating: IP23S
Dimensions: 615MM x 275MM x 495MM
Weight: 27.8KG
Warranty: Enjoy the peace of mind with Parweld's 3 year Warranty

MIG Package P1
- PRO2500-30ER4 - Pro-Grip® Control Handle MIG Torch x 3m
- Input Cable - 3m
- Earth Lead - 3m
- Gas Hose
- E700123 - Regulator 300 Bar SS 2G Argon

Multiprocess Package P2
- PRO2500-30ER4 - Pro-Grip® Control Handle MIG Torch x 3m
- PRO17-12S1MPG - Pro-Grip® 17 TIG Torch x 3m
- Input Cable - 3m
- Gas Hose
- E700123 - Regulator 300 Bar SS 2G Argon

Multiprocess Package P3
- PRO2500-30ER4 - Pro-Grip® Control Handle MIG Torch x 3m
- PRO17-12S1MPG - Pro-Grip® 17 TIG Torch x 3m
- Input Cable - 3m
- Gas Hose
- E700123 - Regulator 300 Bar SS 2G Argon
- Parweld XR938H Grey or Blue (subject to availability)