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Mixplast Magic Stapler Kit - Complete Starter Kit

SKU Magic 3662-CE

Our Best Selling Plastic Repair System.

The Magic Hot Stapler Tool is a handheld inverter that gives instant heat and fast cooling of the staple, ensuring a stronger repair. Normal staple tools are based on a soldering iron and use thinner staples. The cation of slow heat-up means the plastic melts away from the staple as it cools, creating a weaker joint.

The Magic Stapler uses inverter technology to provide instant heat up and cooling. More power means our staples are stronger and thicker than competitors. This Kit includes everything you need to repair vehicle plastics and trim, all in one box!

Your repairs will be stronger and quicker with our innovative, high-tech Magic Hot Stapler Tool. Our advanced inverter technology means instant heat up and cool down, ensuring a more secure and durable fix. Unlike traditional staple tools that produce weaker joints due to slow heat-up and thin staples, our tool utilizes more powerful heat and thicker staples. With the added convenience of having everything you need in one easy-to-use kit, you'll be able to repair vehicle plastics and trim with ease and precision.


    - Magic Hot Stapler Tool
    - Battery charger
    - Extensions
    - Magic Powder 3690
    - Staple 3641-8
    - Staple 3642-8
    - Staple 3643_8
    - Staple 3645-9
    - Staple 3649-9
    - Staple 3658-8
    - Staple 3668-8
    - Stainless mesh
    - Universal Flex Fibre
    - MD15
    - 36891
    - 3644-O tool
    - 3644 U Tool