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JH1500 Heat Inductor is designed for heavy-duty work! 

It's ideal for applications that require plenty of heat for long periods, i.e., straightening of chassis, heavier parts and axles.

  • Safe heating without a flame
  • Controlled heating output
  • Variable Power

JH1500 is the successor of the JH1300 induction heater. This upgraded version is lighter, has improved software and is easier to manoeuvre but still produces the same amount of power as its predecessor. Moreover, it features five output levels and is water-cooled with a compressor for optimal running time.

The Josam JH1500 is the only inductor to use to execute the most demanding types of heating work. 


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Mains supply 380-400 V, 3 Ph+PE, 50/60 Hz, 32 A
Degree of protection IP 21
Working frequency 14-30 kHz
Input power 15 kW
Output power – induction power 13 kW
Induction cable 6 m
Cooling system Water + propylene glycol
Continuous operating time 60 minutes*
Weight 175kg with full tank
Water tank 40 litres
Size (L×W×H) 973×663×1168 mm
Part No. 15079