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Brand: Fronius

This Fronius ToolBox offers the possibility to create valuable storage space for welders

SKU: 4,101,075

A nice addition to your fronius welder setup is a toolbox that integrates with your welder so that you can store all sorts of welding tools and spares


  • TransSteel 2200
  • MagicWave 190
  • TransTig 230i
  • MagicWave 230i



  • The toolbox can be retrofitted to almost all existing Fronius systems.
  • Offers storage space for wear parts, gloves, accessories, torches, electrode holders, ground cables, and much more.
  • Mountable with only 4 screws, which are included.
  • Can be locked with any standard padlock.

To mount a ToolBox 210 on a TU Car 4, TU Car 4 Standard or TU Car 4 Pro, OPT/TU Mounting MW230i/TST 2200 (4,100,780) is a necessity