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The Smart Mercedes Approved Spot Welder

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The Telwin Inverspotter 14000 Smart Aqua is a High Specification and easy-to-use interface with understandable graphics for the perfect weld. Select Auto, Easy or Pro Modes as desired. Agreat choice for automotive body repairs

Quickly and Easily ONE-TOUCH The Mercedes Approved Smart Auto-set enables fast and efficient welding automatically. The welder measures the material and thickness and selects the optimum welding characteristic for the perfect weld.


The POWER GUN technology allows for high spot-welding currents with low absorption rates, the use of longer (5m) and lighter cables for a better holding and a wider range of action and minimum magnetic fields around the cables. Automatic pressure monitoring ensures excellent adjustment of the force applied to the electrodes. Expertly designed for precision and convenience.

With the TELWIN INVERSPOTTER 14000 SMART AQUA, you can choose from Auto, Easy, or Pro modes, depending on your welding needs. Plus, benefit from the innovative Mercedes Approved Smart Auto-set feature that automatically optimises welding settings based on material and thickness.

The POWER GUN technology adds even more efficiency by allowing for high spot-welding currents and longer, lighter cables. Experience excellent electrode contact and minimal magnetic fields with automatic pressure monitoring.


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Pre- and post-heating for welding on HSS and galvanised metals
Automatic recognition of the arm and inserted tool
monitoring of mains voltage
automatic cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
regulation of approach, slope, welding and holding times
regulation in pulsed welding
automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes
Complete with water-cooled pneumatic gun and trolley

Manufacturer Telwin
Three Phase Mains Voltage 400 V
Mains Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
Max Spot-Welding Current 15000 A
Max No Load Voltage 13 V
Max Absorbed Power 68 KW
Rated Power (X=50%) 10 KW
Mains Fuse 32A A
Power Factor 0.8
Inverter Frequency 8000 HZ
Max Welding Thickness (2 Sheets) 3 + 3 + 3 MM
Max Electrodes Power 580 DAN
Duty Cycle 2 %
Protection Degree IP20
Dimensions 80 X 52 X 115 CM
Weight 100 KG

Telwin 14000 Smart Aqua 400v
CA4 C Arm 550mm
CA1 C Arm 189mm
CA5 Ball Electrode
Accessories Kit
Load Balancer Kit