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Electro-Hydraulic, Battery-Operated SPR Riveting System


Self Piercing Rivet Gun, 10 Ton, Electro-Hydraulic, Battery-Operated Riveting System with C-Arm and Universal Set of Dies.

The CMO RV700 Self Piercing Rivet Gun is perfect for professionals in automotive vehicle body repair, construction, and metalworking industries. It's also an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts seeking accurate and reliable riveting solutions.

Intended Use: This product is designed to provide efficient and accurate SPR riveting for various materials, making it suitable for vehicle repairs, sheet metal work, and DIY projects.



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Light, compact, and portable pump body
Operator adjustable compression force from 20Kn to 85Kn with “PushPull” system.
The compression head rotates 360°
2 different compression arms 40mm, 240mm
Pump weight 3.8Kg /8.3lbs
Display with real-time information on the pump set up and actual compression Force.
Set up to use rivet mandrills For Ford, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar & Land Rover, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati
Flow form rivets
POP Rivet adapter

Force 90kN
Supply Li-Ion Battery operated 18 V DC 3.0Ah