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Artis—The compact and versatile Fronius TIG welding machine

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Artis 170 ∕XT∕Set∕np TIG welding system

 The FRONIUS ARTIS 170 MULTI-VOLTAGE  DC TIG prioritises achieving high weld quality, making it crucial to maintain a stable arc while having a wide range of functions. Its major  The Artis-170/210 generation successfully balances these factors in a compact, robust design, weighing less than ten kilograms. It offers the same key adjustment options as larger professional TIG systems and efficiently utilises input voltage for both energy efficiency and reliability, resulting in a more enjoyable welding experience. It's also IP23 Rated for Quality and long life. 

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FAQs: TransTig vs Artis


Q1: Why was the product given a new name and design?


A1: "TransTig" has been a part of Fronius's nomenclature for over 40 years, but we are once again setting new benchmarks by rebranding it as "Artis". The name is inspired by the Latin term "arte, artesano" meaning "art, artisan", as TIG welding requires immense precision and expertise. This change showcases our shift towards a more contemporary and inclusive identity, moving away from a technology-driven approach to a name that truly represents the purpose and advantages for welders.

Q2: What does XT stand for, and why are no more MV versions?

A2:  XT stands for eXTended and consists of several features, including the possibilities offered by MV (multi-voltage). This allows single-phase devices from 96 to 265 V to be supplied with power.

XT also stands for optimal generator compatibility.

The integrated Power Factor Correction (“PFC” for short) improves the power factor and reduces losses such as reactive power or interference, making the XT versions even more energy-efficient.

Q3; Is the TransTig still available?

The Fronius TransTig will not be manufactured anymore, so it is only in the remaining stocks. For new orders, the Artis will replace the TransTig.

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