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Fronius Ignis 180 ∕XT∕np MMA welding system

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The new Ignis 180 electrode welding machine is based on the quality of the TransPocket, now with more improved functions.

Built for mobile site work,  Simple to use with a rugged design and is built to last weld after weld.

In addition to the robust housing and the simple, intuitive operation, the Ignis also has numerous functions that make MMA welding easier for the user: HotStart, SoftStart, or anti-stick provide support when starting welding as well as during the welding process. The MMA Pulse function enables better-looking welds and even faster welding.

Experience flawless results with the FRONIUS IGNIS 180 MMA WELDER, even when working with unstable grids, using a generator for power, or within a wide operating radius. This versatile machine is ideal for use on construction sites, in industrial and agricultural repairs and maintenance, and in-home workshops.

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Ignis highlights

Mobile and robust

Both the Ignis 150 and Ignis 180 models are incredibly lightweight, weighing only 6.5 kg and 8.8 kg respectively. This makes them ideal for mobile use and perfect for outdoor welding tasks or unpredictable weather conditions, thanks to their sturdy construction and built-in stainless steel filter for reliable protection.

Full power even with long grid leads

The Ignis 150/180 provides perfect welding results, even with grid leads up to 100 meters long. This is achieved through the integrated PFC technology, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and minimal disruption to the grid.

Easy and user-friendly operation

The user-friendly design and 7-segment display allow for easy viewing of configured parameters and streamlined functionality. Positioned slightly back, the interface is also well-guarded against potential damage and external factors.

Wide range of versions with additional functions

The Ignis TIG models are a great way to get started with mobile TIG welding and offer convenient remote control operation. The Ignis 180 is also available in country-specific versions and can be used in regions with different main voltages.

Fronius Ignis 150 Front Control Panel

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Mains voltage -20%/+15%, 50/60 Hz
230 V

Power consumption
5.52 kVA

Welding current range Electrode/TIG
10 – 150 A

Generator Size
7.45 kVA

Electrode/welding current range at 10 min/40 °C (104 °F)
150 A (35% DC) 110 A (60% DC) 90 A (100% DC)

TIG/welding current range at 10 min/40 °C (104 °F)
150 A (35% DC) 110 A (60% DC) 90 A (100% DC)

150 A welding machine
43,0004,1606 Electrode cable 16mm2 4m
43,0004,1607 Grounding cable 16mm2 3m
44,0450,0048 Hand shield
44,0450,0064 Chipping ham- mer
42,0410,0019 Wire brush
42,0510,0234 Carrying case
42,0510,0017 Welding gloves size