Hypertherm is a world leader in plasma torch technology. The Hypertherm plasma torches are the best in the business. If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use metal cutting tool, look no further than the Powermax line of plasma systems. With seven different models to choose from, there's sure to be a system that fits your needs. We stock Plasma Torch consumables for Hypertherm Powermax range of torches. Powermax 30, Powermax 45.



A Hypertherm plasma torch is an electrically powered device used to cut, weld, and gouge metal. It works by creating a plasma arc between the tip of its electrode and the material that needs to be worked on. This creates heat that melts the material in addition to moving it away from the torch's nozzle with a blast of ionized gas (known as plasma). Hypertherm are generally regarded as the market leader in plasma cutting technology.

The Plasma process starts with an electrical current entering the torch body through two connectors: one positive and one negative. The current is then routed through a set of electrodes which use capacitive coupling to increase voltage up to 20000 volts or more. The higher voltage causes a spark which jumpstarts ionization in air around the electrode tip inside the nozzle, transforming it into an electrically conductive gas known as plasma.

Some models feature water-cooled torches for extra stability during extended cutting operations. In this setup, coolant flows from an external source through tubing within the handle of the torch and out again into another container or radiator system for cooling before returning for reuse. This keeps temperatures low so you can safely run long cuts without worrying about deforming your workpiece due to overheating!

A hypertherm plasma torch is a handheld device that uses pressurized gas and an electric arc to generate a concentrated beam of heat. This type of tool is used in many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and construction. It offers several advantages over other cutting methods:

1. Increased Precision: The cutting action of the plasma arc produces precise edges with minimal slag or burrs. Additionally, its small size allows for finer cuts than those made with other tools such as oxy-fuel torches. This makes it particularly useful for creating intricate shapes and patterns in materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloys that require highly precise results.

2. Faster Cutting Speeds: Due to its focused heat output and higher temperatures (up to 18000°F), cuts can be generally made quicker than with oxy-fuel torches or other traditional welding techniques - usually 2-3 times faster as they can pierce thick metals very quickly while still maintaining accuracy levels comparable to slower processes.

3. Less Waste Generation: Plasma cutters create less waste material compared to oxy-fuel torches because their smaller point reduces the amount of excess material created during cutting operations; this helps keep the environment cleaner by eliminating unnecessary use of raw materials needed for production processes - plus it saves money on consumable items like spare parts and replacement tips for tools being used regularly in factories or workshops!

4. Safer Operation: Because there is no flame involved in plasma cutting operations (as opposed to traditional torch/flame cutting), there are fewer risks associated with operating these devices - making them much safer than manual welding methods when dealing with hazardous materials like lead or zinc alloys which often require extra precautions due to their flammability levels; additionally, they do not produce toxic fumes like acetylene welders do so workers don't have worry about breathing in dangerous chemicals while using them indoors!