June 21, 2024 3 min read

The Automotive Industry's Power Shift: Introducing the GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV

As Tesla leads the charge in electric vehicle innovation, introducing 16V lithium batteries in its models, the automotive repair industry faces a new challenge. For over a century, 12V batteries have been the standard, but this shift to 16V systems requires workshops and bodyshops to adapt quickly. Enter the GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV, a versatile battery support unit designed to meet the evolving needs of modern vehicle maintenance.


Advanced Technology for Modern Vehicles

The GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FVis a high-power, 100A battery charger that utilizes inverter technology to provide superior performance[2]. This unit is not just a simple charger; it's a comprehensive battery support system capable of maintaining 6V, 12V, 16V, and 24V lead-acid or lithium batteries[3]. This versatility makes it an indispensable tool for workshops dealing with a wide range of vehicles, including Tesla's latest models.

GYSFLASH Battery Manager for Tesla Vehicles

Key Features and Benefits

1. Multi-Voltage Compatibility: The GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV supports various voltage levels, ensuring it can handle both traditional 12V systems and the newer 16V batteries found in Tesla vehicles[3].

2. High Power Output: With a 100A output, this unit can effectively support even the most demanding vehicle systems during diagnostic and repair procedures[2].

3. Inverter Technology: The use of inverter technology ensures precise and efficient charging, which is crucial for maintaining the health of advanced lithium batteries.

4. Connectivity: As a connected device, it offers enhanced monitoring and control capabilities, allowing technicians to fine-tune the charging process.

5. Flexible Installation: Designed to be mounted on a wall or car lift, this unit adapts to various workshop layouts, optimizing space utilization.

Addressing the 16V Challenge

The introduction of 16V lithium batteries by Tesla represents a significant shift in automotive electrical systems. This change brings several advantages, such as improved power efficiency and reduced weight, but it also presents new challenges for repair and maintenance.

The GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV is specifically engineered to address these challenges. Its ability to precisely manage 16V systems ensures that technicians can safely work on Tesla vehicles without the risk of damaging sensitive electrical components. This capability is crucial during diagnostic procedures, ECU remapping, and other operations that require a stable power supply.


Preparing for the Future

As the world's best-selling car brand, Tesla's move to 16V systems is likely to influence the broader automotive industry. Workshops and bodyshops equipped with the GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV will be well-prepared for this transition, capable of servicing both current and future vehicle models.

Moreover, the unit's support for 24V systems also future-proofs workshops against potential further voltage increases in commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.



The GYSFlash 101.24 CNT FV represents a critical investment for automotive repair facilities looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Its advanced features, versatility, and future-proof design make it an essential tool for any workshop or bodyshop aiming to provide top-tier service for all vehicles, including the latest Tesla models with 16V lithium batteries.

By adopting this technology, repair professionals can confidently tackle the challenges posed by new vehicle electrical systems, ensuring they remain competitive and capable in an industry undergoing significant technological transformation.


 Paul Jones- Managing Director BWS Ltd

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