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Telwin Battery Link 2.0 is a battery monitoring and management tool via Bluetooth.

I have a classic car that i adore and only drive when its sunny and not raining. I have a Telwin Doctor ChargeConnected to it in my garage so that the battery doesn't drain and its always ready for that brief moment in an English summer when the sun comes out.  A couple of times now ive come upon a flat discharged battery that is now only fit for the bin and the subsequent cost of a new one. All because somehow the battery clamp has come off. How i wish i had this new Product from Telwin called the Battery Link 2.0

Its an intelligent link that connects to your battery on the car and is connected to an app on your phone for real time monitoring.

Telwin Battery Link-Monitor via bluetooth

Telwin says "Battery management solutions have become essential across industries where batteries are a critical component. From automotive to industrial applications, battery performance directly impacts efficiency and safety. The Telwin Battery Link aims to revolutionise battery management by providing real-time insights and control".

Not only do i feel this is a great tool for the classic car fraternity i also think it has a market in cars sales for-courts where its important that a vehicles battery is in top condition precisely for that moment when you need to start the vehicle in front of the customer.

Lets Look at Some  Key Features of Telwin Battery Link

1. Real-time Monitoring: The Telwin Battery Link system enables real-time monitoring of battery health, voltage, temperature, and other crucial parameters. This data empowers users to make informed decisions and prevent potential issues.

2. Remote Access: With remote access capabilities, users can monitor and manage batteries from anywhere. This is especially useful for large-scale operations and remote installations.

3. Predictive Analysis:  Leveraging advanced algorithms, the Telwin Battery Link can predict potential battery failures or issues, allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing costly downtime.

4. Alert Notifications: The system can send instant alerts via email or mobile notifications in case of critical battery conditions, ensuring timely response and minimising risks.

5. Data Logging:  Battery performance data is logged over time, enabling users to track trends, analyse historical data, and optimise battery usage.

Telwin Battery Link suitable for all types of battery

Suitable for all 12V starter batteries of cars, motorbikes and engines starting from 8V.

Battery Link is the ideal monitoring tool to be placed, for example, at the end of the season on the battery of your motorbike or boat in order to check the progress of the charge and to be aware in advance of any criticalities.


Telwin Battery Link -monitoring multiple batteries

Synchronisation of multiple Battery Links 2.0 on one single device to monitor multiple batteries at the same time.


Benefits of Intelligent Battery Management

Efficient battery management, as offered by the Telwin Battery Link, brings several advantages:

- Enhanced Safety: By monitoring battery conditions, risks of overheating, overcharging, and other hazardous situations are significantly reduced.

- Cost Savings: Predictive maintenance and early issue detection lead to reduced downtime, saving on repair and replacement costs.

- Extended Battery Life: Optimal charging and discharging strategies based on real-time data contribute to extending battery lifespan.

- Improved Efficiency: Monitoring and controlling battery performance ensures devices and systems operate at their best efficiency levels.



Telwin Battery Link connected to a battery

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