November 07, 2020 2 min read

SCANGRIP’s explosion proof LED lights are approved and certified with the latest European ATEX directive and international IECEx regulations.

Innovative and functional work lights and perfect for bodyshop use in spray booths and other ATEX Areas.

The LED technology is evolving very rapidly. We have taken advantage of these multiple technology developments to design a new range of explosion proof LED work lights providing powerful illumination, extreme durability, versatile functionality, and very long lifetime.

ATEX Approved and certified

The EX PROOF work lights are approved and certified according to the latest European ATEX directive and according to the international IECEx regulations. The work lights are approved for use in:

Zone 1 and 2 in explosive GAS atmosphere zone 21 and 22 in combustible DUST atmosphere which covers the vast majority of the market. 


SCANGRIP’s explosion proof LED work lights offer a range of products that is designed to fit your specific work task. The headlamp is very durable and remarkably lightweight. When set on sensor mode, it can be turned on/off only by waving a hand in front of the lamp in a dual movement - even when wearing thick gloves. EX-VIEW is approved for ZONE 2 and ZONE 22.

The hand-held LED work lights are perfect for the professional user working in narrow and difficult areas, where light is limited. They are incredible powerful and leight-weight which makes them easy to carry around during the day. MIDI-EX is approved for ZONE 2 and ZONE 22, and UNI-EX is approved for ZONE 0 and ZONE 20

The two NOVA explosion proof work lights are both very powerful COB LED work lights providing extremely bright illumination. They are designed with the newest state-of-the-art LED technology for the professional user and approved for ZONE 1 and ZONE 21.

Scangrip Explosion Proof work lights

You can see the range HERE



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