February 17, 2020 1 min read

When welding meets art you will find these guys. The Clique get together from all over the UK to try different things and look at improving their skills. 


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BWS was asked to come down and show them some new equipment so I thought they might like the Fronius Transteel 2200. Its a compact MIG TIG MMA and is ideal for their type of work having a really smooth welding arc and small MIG torch, ideal for getting in tight spaces.

The guys were trying new techniques and looking at passing on different skills that each had learnt. The main part of the day was building a dragon's egg as seen in Game Of Thrones. Dave from TM design showed how to make the scales and build the egg from scratch.


Dragons egg TM Designs

The amount of work involved in one of these is staggering and it was fascinating watching Dave (TM Designs) work.

Each scale is made on a CNC Plasma and cut out and polished by hand.  Then MAG welded by hand upside down.

MIG Welding A dragons egg


It's then polished and each scale tip heated to get the blueing.


Game Of Thrones Dragons Egg By TM Designs


 Thanks to guys in the "clique" and for allowing me to show then the Fronius Transteel 2200 Multipurpose Inverter welder. 


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