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Constant working on a vehicle and the need to have the Ignition off or on a number of times can cause data loss of the vehicle's electronics and possible damage of the ECU.  Also, some vehicles have current draw even when in the off position and this can mean a flat battery or even worse whilst in for repair.

It's also essential to maintain constant voltages during diagnostic work, software updates, and module reprogramming. Especially when reprogramming work is in progress, the need for battery support is essential otherwise the battery alone is supplying the vehicle’s electronic systems alone.

GYSFLASH 121112 Battery Support unit

If you have a vehicle sales showroom or classic cars that you don't drive all the time the GYSFLASH can be used in the showroom mode to keep the battery in tip-top condition for extended periods of time. 

Modern manufacturers such as Jaguar, stipulate that all showroom vehicles have this type of equipment fitted to them.


The latest addition to the range, the GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV has a powerful 120A output and can be used in one of four operating modes – diagnostics, charging, showroom and tester.

• Automatic restart
• Cable test and calibration


• Showroom mode lock
• “Easy charge” mode
• Activate and adjust an “expert” charging curve
• Automatic SOS recovery for sulphated battery

The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV  battery support unit has the latest inverter technology ensuring the optimum charging curve for all types of batteries up to and including the latest generation of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.
GYSFLASH charging function chart
  1. Battery analysis.
  2. Recovering damaged elements from an extended deep discharge
  3. Sulphated battery test
  4. Sulphated battery recovery
  5. Checking the battery recovery
  6. Battery charged to 80%
  7. Battery charged to 95%
  8. Battery cells refresh
  9. Maintenance charge
  10. Starts a charge cycle for maintaining performance = maintenance

Connected Technology

GYS have introduced connected technology, meaning the charger can be connected to a keyboard to enter customer, vehicle or battery details.

Barcode scanner option to identify the battery if it has a bar code attached.

Printer to report battery charging data.

 Software updates can be implemented to meet specific vehicle manufacturer requirements.

Intuitive interface

19 Languages available

Slim size

The height of the charger (<11cm) enables it to be easily placed under the vehicle when in the showroom mode.

 Another great feature is the  GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is designed for use on mains power between85 and265V. all the while supplying a constant charge curve to the battery. It even has a restart mode that enables it to pick up where it was after a power failure.

Testing High Power Circuits

On a stationary vehicle, the GYSFLASH supplies up to 50A to test high-energy consumers: engine fan, window regulator, electronic suspension, etc... By supplying a steady voltage:- 12V to 14.8V


A range of accessories is available for the GYSFLASH PRO range, including a trolley, wall support unit, and heavy-duty case.


The  GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV has a really good instruction book with it which you will need as it's easy to forget what it does and what each function does. I've used it on my Alpina roadster to try and bring my battery back from the dead after my car had been in storage for the winter. It cost me £140 plus vat for a new battery last time it did this.  I simply connected the unit to the battery, pressed start and went to bed. I was pleasantly surprised in the morning as the battery was in fact rescued and now showing a full charge.  I can thoroughly recommend for professional and home use.





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