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Paintless dent repair as well as being a bit of an art form is also a necessity in today's modern car body repair shop. Therefore anything that comes along, any new idea or gimmick that makes this easier and faster,  is great news for bodyshops and profit.

One new product that has really exploded in the USA  and Worldwide is the Glexo Cold Adhesive system. It's a special malleable putty that is easily manipulated in your hands and gives tremendous grip.

The Glexo Cold Adhesive System was invented by PDR technicians for PDR technicians, so it works!  They have lots of innovative ideas and they will be releasing more products, soon!

Glexo cold adhesive system for paintless dent repair


The Glexo putty has an incredibly long shelf life and isn't a consumable. After use, you simply roll it up into a ball and put it back in the box for next time. it comes in two compositions based on working temperatures, The white pack is used for temperatures up to 86F/30C and for temperatures up to 97F/36C the red pack is used. They come in 100g tubes. If the putty gets soiled it can be washed in soap and water and then allowed to dry.

The manufacturer states a one-year shelf life but in use, technicians have reported longer than this.



First, you need to work the Glexo in your hand a little to make it malleable and then choose your pulling tab, there is a choice of sizes and shapes in the kit.

Place the putty on the tab ensuring good adhesion.  Then work it into the crease or dent that you want to pull.

Using the special slide hammer, when lifting,  the force is more evenly spread across the adapter tab compared to cold glues. The unique viscosity of the adhesive putty means you don't get a concentrated effect, but it lifts more gently and extensively.  You, therefore, can work an area more easily and quickly.


glexo cold adhesive pulling a dent

This lack of concentrated effect and the slow pulling of the dent with the putty allows you not to be afraid of "overpulling" as can happen with hot glues. The action of pulling is by a short sharp jerk using a heavy slide hammer.

Any leftover putty on the surface is quickly re-absorbed into the mass on the slide hammer by dabbing onto it.

Any halos on the paintwork from the Glexo Adhesive are easily removed by degreaser. This is the opposite of hot glues which can leave residues and marks and require extra cleaning. It's also possible to overpull with hot glues, therefore, the working time and cleaning time are longer than with Glexo Cold Adhesive.

glexo cold adhesive putty kit


The standard kit includes four high-quality pulling tabs and a tube of the black adhesive putty. The round tabs ar great for hail dents but the long rectangular ones are used the most.

The standard slide hammer is also supplied as part of the kit.



rimfixer- This glue works period!!!! If you don't have you need it. Thanks


Android 8901 - This is great timing I was just about to buy a hot-Glue kit I will carry on watching your videos and try and work out the cheapest way to buy a kit if you can advise that would be great👍
glexo cold adhesive kit -buy now


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