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ECO DESIGN  2019/1784

From January 1st 2023 the European Union (EU)  introduced Eco Design 2019/1784, a set of regulations designed to improve the efficiency of new welding equipment. This regulation aims to reduce energy consumption and improve air quality by encouraging the use of more efficient welding equipment. This directive applies to all newly manufactured welding equipment, regardless of size or type. It covers all stationary welding equipment, including electric arc welders, gas and plasma welders, and resistance welders.

eco  and safety standards 2023


The Eco Design 2019/1784 regulations have been designed to ensure that all new welding equipment meets the latest energy efficiency standards. The regulation covers several aspects of the design process for new welding equipment, such as the selection of materials, design and construction, and the testing of the equipment for compliance with these standards. Additionally, Eco Design 2019/1784 requires that all new welding equipment must be tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure it meets the required energy efficiency levels.


By following Eco Design 2019/1784, manufacturers and users of welding equipment can ensure their products meet the latest energy efficiency standards and help contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Eco Design 2019/1784 is an important step forward in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and create a greener future. With Eco Design 2019/1784, the European Union is taking a proactive stance towards improving environmental sustainability.

Additionally, Eco Design 2019/1784 will help to ensure all new welding equipment meets current safety requirements. This directive requires that all new welding equipment must be tested by an accredited laboratory for compliance with current safety standards before it can be sold. By following Eco Design 2019/1784 regulations, companies can ensure they are providing safe welding equipment that meets the latest energy efficiency standards.

Transformer MIG Welders


Older type welders were traditionally made using transformers and in the case of MIG MAG step switch transformer Welders. Thes types of welding machines now don't meet the new criteria as the move has been pushed towards more energy efficient equipment.

Inverter Technology welders use complex electronics switch power supplies and are therefore more efficient on supply. They are also more controllable again helping to lower supply draw.

Generally inverter technology welders will meet the new requirements and transformer welders will no longer be able to be sold.


MIG Welder with helmet


Initially unless you are purchasing a new welding machine then it won't affect you. You can still carry on using your existing welders in a production environment. This regulation ONLY applies to NEW welding equipment sold 



Overall, Eco Design 2019/1784 is an important step towards achieving a cleaner, more sustainable future. By following this directive and ensuring their new welding equipment meets the highest safety and energy efficiency standards, companies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality while contributing to a greener future. Eco Design 2019/1784 is an effective way for manufacturers to ensure their products meet the latest eco-friendly regulations.

Furthermore, Eco Design 2019/1784 also provides additional financial benefits for manufacturers of welding equipment. This regulation requires that all newly manufactured welding equipment must meet certain energy efficiency levels in order to be sold.

How this will affect the UK at the moment is a little vague but as everything is geared towards ECO Standards now I can see us taking this up.

If you are looking for a new welder or just want some good sound advice then please contact us either by chat or our contact page and we will answer your questions.

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