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Smart Mobile Air-Operated Puller Ideal For Straightening Body Panels

SKU 804930

T-RACTION is a smart pulling system for straightening external metal panels on damaged cars.

It's Quick and easy to use, using compressed air to develop a vacuum effect that ensures perfect adhesion to the floor without needing additional support or fixing points.

The system has a manual hoist that develops a traction force of 250 kg, and it’s the ideal aid for straightening thin sheets through slotted washers or glue systems.

Easy to install and manoeuvre, it represents an indispensable tool for reducing working times in the body shop.

Why Buy From BWS?

We are first and foremost engineers and have been working in the vehicle body repair industry for 30 years. We understand the work carried out by technicians being approved  IMI inspectors and therefore can offer advice, support and training on all aspects of motor vehicle body repair. As engineers we also service and repair to component level everything we sell.


Q1:  Does the floor have to be a perfectly flat surface?

A1:   Not necessarily, undulations in concrete floors are still able to provide suction. The T-Raction has a sponge seal under the plate and this allows for some gaps in the surface. If the sponge can make up any imperfections then the unit will seal and vacuum achieved.

Q2:  What will it pull up to?

A1:   The vacuum is very strong as it has a larger base plate and vacuum valve than competitors machines. The unit is rate at 250kg pull. As a side note its not designed to pull chassis (but it may). We have managed to pull a Ford transit across the floor with one so the suction and pull are very strong.

Q3:  What happens if it loses suction during a pull?

A3:    We haven't experienced this, but if it does loses suction suddenly the tower is prevented from flipping forward due to its wedge shape.

A4: That depends on how large the aluminium piece is and wether you want to do it in one run. Being air cooled its limited to how much torch time you can have.  Due to the torch getting hot run time is limited but we have repaired many alloy wheels with this weld no problem. The unit can always be water cooled to increase run time and the option of increasing the frequency to 200hz will give better penetration on thicker materials.

Q4:  Can it pull downwards?

A4:     Yes it can pull downwards.

Mobile-easy manoeuvre
Air operated
250kg pull
Strong and sturdy
Chain pull with ratchet

SKU - 804930
Pulling Force - 250 kg
Air Required - 4.5-6 bar
Dimensions - 71 x 63 x 122 cm
Weight - 41kg