SIP Mobile Compressor Ideal for Trade Use

SKU  06260

Power and convenience in a mobile package with the SIP TN3/100-SRB Air Compressor, a true companion for mobile trade professionals. This remarkable 230v 200L compressor is equipped with a Wheel & Handle Kit, making it easy to move and use wherever your job takes you. Whether you're at a job site or on the go, this compressor is your reliable partner, delivering top-notch performance with ease.

Heavy-duty components and a lightweight, wheel-mounted design make this unit ideal for trade, workshop and medium-sized garage operators, plus mobile applications.

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How To Calculate CFM

    - 230v (13amp) input supply
    - Powerful 3.0hp (2.2kW) motor
    - Oil-lubricated, belt-driven model
    - Heavy-duty 100 litre air receiver size
    - 13CFM maximum piston displacement
    - 8.5CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
    - 145psi (10 bar) max. working pressure
    - Extra-strong moulded plastic guarding
    - Finned manifolds and cast iron barrel
    - Wheel-mounted for easy movement
    - Heavy-duty aluminium aftercooler
    - Durable and oversized crankcase
    - Premium Italian construction

    Input Supply: 230v (13amp)
    Motor Power: 3.0hp (2.2kW)
    Receiver Size: 100 litres
    Piston Displacement: 13CFM (368 litres/min)
    Max. Free Air Delivery: 8.5CFM (240 litres/min)
    Max. Pressure: 145psi (10 bar)
    Noise Level: 96dB(A)
    Gross Weight: 69kg
    Packaged Dimensions: 800 x 1105 x 420mm