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SIP Induction Heater Kit

SKU 01156

TheSIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit is ideal for heating and releasing rusted-on or hard-to-remove parts such as nuts, bolts and fastenings. Designed for use in garages, workshops or automotive environments.

Efficient and Powerful Heating for Rust Removal and Fastening Release

Unlocking rusted bolts with ease

  • The SIP 1500W Induction Heater Kit is the ultimate solution for heating and releasing rusted-on or hard-to-remove parts, such as nuts, bolts, and fastenings. Designed specifically for use in garages, workshops, and automotive environments, this kit is your go-to tool for tackling tough connections.
  • With a powerful 1500W induction heater, this kit delivers efficient and rapid heating, allowing you to loosen stubborn components in no time. Say goodbye to hours of manual effort and welcome a hassle-free solution that saves you valuable time and energy.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive 4-piece induction kit, including Helix Coils, a Flat Coil, and a Flexi-Induction Lead, you have the versatility to work with various sizes and types of fasteners. This kit is designed to fit over or around nuts, bolts, and fastenings, ensuring a snug and effective heating process.
  • Whether you're dealing with rusted parts, shrinkage in sheet metal, or the removal of stickers and graphics, the SIP 1500W Induction Heater Kit provides the heat and precision required for successful and efficient repairs.

Quality and Durability for Long-lasting Performance

  • The SIP 1500W Induction Heater Kit is built to deliver reliable and long-lasting performance. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, this kit ensures durability and endurance even in demanding work environments.
  • The powder-coated finish provides protection against wear and tear, while the robust construction guarantees resistance to impacts and rough handling. 
  • 2 Year Warranty supported by our in-house engineers.

Why should you buy your SIP 1500W Induction heater from BWS?

We are committed to ensuring that you make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results in your welding projects. Additionally, our experienced engineers with over 25 years experience in repairing inverter induction heaters for some of the worlds leading induction companies means we are available to provide comprehensive technical support beyond what the manufacturers offer. It's worth mentioning that we take pride in servicing and repairing everything we sell in-house, providing you with added peace of mind in your purchase now and in the future.

Powerful and compact (1500w)
Reaches temperatures of 800°C in 20 seconds
4-piece induction kit supplied
Easy-to-use, simple to power design
Lightweight and portable with strap

Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Induction Power: 1.5kW
Power Control: Fixed
Induction Cable Length: 850mm
Power Cable Length: 3mtr
Ventilation: Fan-Cooled Torch & Inverter Unit
Inverter Frequency Range: 25kHz - 60kHz
Net Weight: 4.50kg
Gross Weight: 5.70kg
Product Dimensions: 140(H) x 750(W) x 200mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions: 150(H) x 415(W) x 500mm(D)

4-piece induction kit supplied

Helix Coil (2x) - 1x Ø 19mm, 1x Ø 26mm. Both 220mm length. Suitable for placing over or around nuts, bolts and fastenings.
Flat Coil (1x) - 65mm width and 220mm length. Ideal for shrinkage when processing sheet metal or removing vehicle stickers and graphics.
Flexi-Induction Lead (1x) - 800mm length end-to-end. Used for placing around tubs, metal fixings and hard-to-reach objects.

Supplied with durable carry case allowing storage of the unit and 4-piece induction kit.