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Scangrip Uv Curing Led For Large-Sized Paint Repair Areas

SKU 03.5803UK

The Scangrip UV LED Gun is the latest paint curing technology from Scangrip. This lamp is designed to cure a large surface area, from 10cm off the panel the lamp will cure and approx. area of 250cmsq but held at 56cm off the panel the area is increased to 3600cmsq or a single panel.

The UV Gun operates at the best  UV peak wavelength ideally suited to cure UV primer coats in just 1 minute.
The lamp doesn't  generate any heat on the panel to be repaired allowing even plastic parts to be cured in only a minute ready to prepare for colour.

The Scangrip NO QUIBBLE 3 year warranty gives added peace of mind when purchasing this professional UV tool.

Scangrip specialised LED work lights for UV CURING has been tested and proven successful on leading brands of UV-cured

products. LEARN MORE HERE!

Download  Scangrip Specialized LED Work Lights for UV Curing Brochure  


    Part No. 03.5803
    Curing Area at 56cm (CM2): 3600
    Net weight: 1.89Kg
    Minimum Irradiance at 56cm: 6mW/cm2
    Center Irradiance at 56cm: 14mW/cm2
    Power source: Rechargeable Battery
    Charging voltage DC (V): 12.60
    Max Power Consumption (W): 120.00
    Plug type: Type G (UK plug)

    Delivered in a practical nylon bag including exchangeable SPS battery, SPS charger and UV protective glasses.