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RUKO Twist drill set DIN 338 type N, HSS-G in a  magazine 

This HSS-G twist drill offers exceptional concentricity, suitable for steel, alloyed and unalloyed cast iron, grey and malleable iron, die-cast iron, nickel silver, graphite, aluminium alloys, brass, and bronze. The TERRAX DRILL MEGA SET includes sets of 130, 170, and 220 pieces of drills ranging from 6.0mm - 13.0mm diameter, all stored conveniently in their respective cases.


Diameter Range 1.0mm-10.0mm
Material High Speed Steel Ground
Application Metal
Set Size 170 Pieces
Case Plastic

130 Piece Set (with up to 6.0mm Diameter Drills) in Plastic Case, 170 Piece (with up to 10.0mm Diameter Drills) and 220 Piece Sets (with up to 13.0mm Diameter Drills) in Steel Case