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Brand: Parweld

Premium Performance and Durability: PARWELD ECO-GRIP MAX® 250A

Why its a great MIG 250A MIG torch

  • Thanks to its innovative design and advanced features, the PARWELD ECO-GRIP MAX® 250A enables precise heat distribution, reducing the risk of overheating or warping. This results in consistently high-quality welds that meet the strictest industry standards.
  • Whether you're working with mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium, this torch provides excellent arc stability, ensuring smooth and uniform welds every time. Unlock your creativity and achieve flawless results with the PARWELD ECO-GRIP MAX® 250A.


    • High quality standards
    • rigorously tested for durability and compliance with EN60974-7 standards
    • Comfortable user experience
    • pro grip handle and dual soft grips make it easy to use during long projects.
    • Maximum performance – flexible Hyperflex® cable assemblies offer better wire feeding properties.
    • Quick setup – the ergonomic design with integrated knuckle joint systems make installation easier.

    • Eco-Grip Max® Handle System with Integrated Grips, designed for balance, lightness, and strength
    • Hyperflex; Cable Systems – air-cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Cable end crimp systems ensure Maximum conductivity
    • Ground Breaking Design Ergonomics
    • Integrated Knuckle Joint Systems allowing movements of the handle and neck independently from the cable assembly

    Manufacturer: Parweld
    SKU: ECR2500-30ER / ECR2500-40ER
    Cable Length: 3m, 4m, 5m
    Amperage: 230A, CO2 200A Mixed Gas @ 60% Duty Cycle
    Connection: Euro Adapter Fitting