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Brand: Jasic

Experience Professional Aluminium TIG Welding 


The Jasic EVO TIG 200P ACDC PFC PULSE INVERTER utilizes cutting-edge technology and sturdy design to deliver the necessary power for various TIG welding projects, particularly those involving aluminium. Part of Jasic's latest EVO range, this inverter comes with a 5-year warranty and is ideal for welding stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium, providing a stable arc and consistent performance for clean and superior welds.

Equipped with a 4m TIG torch, the Jasic EVO TIG 200 AC DC PFC Inverter allows for precise control and manoeuvrability, giving you the ability to create intricate welds with utmost accuracy.

The clear and precise display enables easy setting of the weld parameters so that you can concentrate on laying down a bead. 

Full feature TIG functions:

including, dash-arc, pre/post gas timers, up/down slope control, 2T/4T and smart gas control for optimising shielding gas consumption.

Depending on the chosen machine option, (ET-200 or ET-200P) the machine can come with the full TIG pulse control.

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• ClearVision technology
• Adaptable wide voltage range
• HF stabilising technology
• Dash-Arc
• Smart Lift TIG
• Full featured pulse TIG parameters
• Multiple AC waveforms
• Mixed waveform, mixed waveform frequency,
mixed waveform duty cycle
• Flexible remote control solutions (optional)
• Power factor correction (PFC), generator friendly
• Quick factory reset; auto sleep mode
• Water cooled option available
• ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage
• Smart gas for optimised shielding gas consumption
• On demand fan
• Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)
• Key power electronic component protection
• Overcurrent and overheat protection
• TFT screen (optional)

Input voltage AC95-265V, 50/60 Hz
AC 115V AC 230V
No load voltage 65V
Rated input current 32.2A 21.1A
Ieff 16.1A 10.6A
Rated input power 3.5kVA 4.7kVA
Current range DC: 5-160A
AC: 20-160A
DC: 5-200A
AC: 20-200A
Rated duty cycle @ 40ºC 25%
Rated input current 34.1A 22.7A
Ieff 18.7A 12.4A
Rated input power 3.9kVA 5.6kVA
Current range 10-120A 10-160A
Rated duty cycle @ 40ºC 30%
Efficiency 80%
Power factor 0.95
Idle state power <50W
Protection class IP23S
Insulation class H
Dimensions LxWxH 490 x 165 x 341mm
Weight 11.9Kg
Recommended generator size 5kVA 7kVA

Supplied with:

4m TIG Torch
Lead Set
Argon Regulator
Gas Hose

Optional Accessories:

Wireless Remote Control
Wired Remote Control
Wireless Foot Pedal
Wired Foot Pedal
TFT Screen
Water Cooler