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Brand: Jasic


The Jasic Arc 160 PFC Inverter offers reliable and efficient welding with its IGBT technology and single PCB design. Its wide voltage' capability enhances arc performance and energy savings, while its lift TIG functionality is ideal for maintenance and light fabrication work. Moreover, the inverter's 'wide voltage' feature allows for optimal power consumption during welding, even with voltage fluctuations. Additionally, the lift TIG technique provides precise control for highly accurate and quality welds, making it suitable for various applications.

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    The Jasic EVO Arc 160 PFC Inverter is designed for versatility and can be used both in workshops and on-site. Its compact size and lightweight design make it portable and easy to transport. The machine features heavy-duty 16-25mm dinse sockets, which provide a secure connection for welding cables.

    Some additional features of the Jasic Arc 160 PFC Inverter include anti-stick and arc-force functions, which help prevent electrode sticking and improve arc stability. It also has a hot start feature for easy striking of difficult-to-start electrodes.

    Overall, the Jasic Arc 160 PFC Inverter is a professional-grade welding machine that offers reliable and efficient performance. Its advanced technology, including IGBT and lift TIG functionality, makes it suitable for various welding applications in workshops or on-site.

    Rugged, ergonomic design
    • Clear Vision technology
    • Intelligent synergic control
    • Smart Lift TIG
    • Adaptable wide voltage range
    • Quick factory reset
    • Anti-stick, adjustable hot start and arc force
    • Dedicated wireless remote control (optional)
    • Remote control receiver module (optional)
    • Power factor correction (PFC), generator friendly
    • ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage
    • Fan on demand
    • Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)
    • Key power electronic component protection
    • Overcurrent and overheat protection
    • Complete with a protective case and MMA leads

    Rated input power - 2.2KVA (110V) - 3.2KVA. (230V)
    Current range - 10-120A (110V) - 10-160A (230V)
    Rated duty cycle @ 40°C - 25%
    Efficiency - 86%
    Power factor - 0.99
    Idle state power
    MMA: 38.2W TIG: 7W
    Protection class - IP23S
    Insulation class- H
    Dimensions LxWxH-413 × 150 × 311mm
    Recommended generator size - 5KVA(110V)
    7.5KVA (230V)

    Package Includes Inverter power source, Operating instructions and MMA Leads