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Professional TIG Welding Solution For Aluminium

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The TITANIUM 400 AC/DC is a powerful TIG AC/DC generator featuring an impressive current range of 400 A at 60%. A versatile piece of equipment, it facilitates a wide variety of welding processes such as TIG AC, DC, and MMA. Suitable for all types of materials--from mild steel and stainless steel to aluminium, copper, and titanium--the TIG AC/DC generator ensures excellent arc control with its Pulse mode, perfect for welding thin gauge. It also features an intuitive digital interface that facilitates easy parameter changes.

TIG Wizard 

The TITANIUM 400 AC/DC TIG WELDER features a patented synergic mode designed to maximize productivity on Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Copper parts, with or without filler material. Five types of assembly: BW (End to end), FW (Lap), BP (Interior angle), Exterior angle, and wire fusion, are also on offer. Plus, with Wizard Lab, users can access custom welding cycles.

6 TIG Welding Modes

  • DC Standard: smooth welding on the majority of ferrous materials.
  • DC Pulse: allows welding while minimizing heat input (up to 2.5 kHz).
  • FastPulse: pulses up to 20 kHz for specialised steel applications AC
  • AC Standard: welding of aluminum and its alloys (Al, AlSi, AlMg, AlMn, etc).
  • AC Pulse: precise penetration regulation, controllable by adjusting the AC pulse frequency (up to 500 Hz). AC Mix: alternates between AC and DC currents to increase welding speed.


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- Spot / Multi Spot: traditional spotting before welding thin sheets.
- Tack / Multi Tack: ultra-precise pointing without oxidation, reducing the risk of workpiece deformation.
3 types of arc ignition: Standard Lift, High-Frequency (HF) and Touch.HF
(timed high-frequency ignition).
3 triggering options: 2T, 4T and 4T LOG
Configuration of AC waveforms enabling closer arc control and penetration.
E-TIG mode guarantees the machine to respect the selected welding parameters, regardless of the
position of the torch in relation to the workpiece (welding energy control)

Accurately measures energy usage.
Traceability of all welding seams, conforming to EN 3834 standard.
Welding accessory calibration mode (improves the calculation of energy usage).
Connectable for use with Robots via an optional kit (037960).
User mode allows the option to share the product with several different operators.
Free tool for interface customization is available online.
Backup of user Jobs via USB key (500 max.) as well as machine configuration.
Compatible with latch, double button, potentiometer and push-pull torches.
New and revised welding synergies and software updates available by USB key.
Remote control (pedal or remote option) connectable without tools.
Liquid cooling unit optional (013537).
MMA, MMA AC and Pulsed MMA modes (electrodes up to Ø 8 mm)

SKU 063945
Supply 400v
Duty Cycle 360A@ 100% (TIG)
Size 71 x 27 x 48cm
Generator. 30kW
Weight 40Kg

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