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GYS Premium  Steel And Aluminium Dent Pulling Station 

SKU 073968

The GYSPOT Premium dent pulling station is a complete solution to steel and aluminium dent repairs on car body panels.  The combination welder enables fast repairs on both steel and aluminium and the addition of premium pulling bars and attachments means fast-quality dent repairs are easily achieved.

The GYS Premium is the best-selling combination dent-pulling system on the market.

• Remove dents without disassembling vehicle fittings
• Repair without replacing
• Reduce the downtime
• Increase your margin
Improve your profitability

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    * GYSPOT Combi 230E PRO - ref. 021266
    * Cable hanger ref. 052284
    * Alu Puller ref. 051003
    * Additive kit for Alu dents pulling ref. 050020
    * Levelling lever ref. 050686
    * 4 hooks claw ref. 049758
    * Steel consumables ref. 051515
    * Extension joints ref. 052451
    * Levelling bar ref. 050693
    * 3-pulling rods ref.
    * Manuspot ref. 050679
    * Spot Pro XL trolley ref. 034259
    * Magnetic earth-ref. 049666 

    Supply 230V
    Output Steel. 3600 A
    Output aluminium. 13 000 A
    Weight 80kg
    Dimensions 45x43x29