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The DRAW ALIGNER PRO is perfect for pulling out large dents.

SKU 069244

Its powerful hydraulic system providesup to 1.2 metric tons of effortless traction.
Fully adjustable and easy to move, this innovative device can be used for straightening out a car’s underbody, wings, andquarter panel.

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• Its hydraulic system offers a maximum pulling force of 1.2 metric tons
• No effort is required, its hydraulic pump works like a conventional hydraulic jack
• The pulling arm can be tilted back and its height is adjustable meaning it can pull in any direction
• Its under-wheel support plate makes it possible to pull out dents from the vehicle’s rear
• Its lateral support arm and its anti-roll bar guarantee stability
• Its simple setup allows for quick and efficient dent pulling
• Mobile and lightweight, it can be easily moved around the workshop

SKU 069244
Weight 62Kg
Size 119x39x37 cm

- pulling arm
- hydraulic pump
- 1 chain with
- 6 hooks claw
- 2 rounds pads