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Drill Bit For The Removal Of Spot Welds on Car Body Panels

SKU  0218110.0

10mm HSCo Cobalt Spot Weld Drill for clean and burr-free milling of spot welds from car body panels and thin-walled workpieces without centering.

With extremely high precision, he point locates the drill in the centre of the weld so that the cutting edges can remove the spot weld quickly and easily.

Nominal Diameter 10.00mm
Overall Length 89mm
Flute Length 43mm
Material HSCo
Finish P2 Bronze Finish
Qty  Each


Weld Point Drill

- Depending on application, up to four-teen times longer service life

- Very high resistance to heat and oxidation

- Chemical compound of aluminum , titanium und nitrogen

- Nano hardness: up to 38 GPa

- Coat thickness: 1-4 μm

- Coefficient of friction: 0.7 μ

- Temperature: 900 °C

- Application: steel (N/mm²) more than 1,300, stainless steel

- Cooling not mandatory

Manufacturer: Guhring
Material: Cobalt
Part No. S190781V400S
Edges: 2 Fluted
Size: 10mm

Diameter 8.0mm
Material High Speed Steel
Drill Type Weld Point (Special Drill)
Set Size Single Piece