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Brand: Fronius

Fronius Vizor 4000 Air 3  Welding Helmet and PARP

Weighing just 480 grams, the lightweight Vizor 4000 Plus with a true color display is the latest member of the product family and is even more efficient.

With a level of protection of 2.5 when light, the view of the working environment is four times lighter than with a level of protection 4.

  • Automatic adjustment of the shade level in the range between 5 and 12
  • Brightness level 2.5 in open mode
  • Use as grinding mask in connect-mode
  • Low energy consumption due to rechargeable lithium-ion battery (no battery)

A unique air-flow guiding system within the mask enables continuously-adjustable air distribution between the forehead and the breathing zone. Vizor Air/3 is, therefore, a truly „clean“ solution for the user, as 99.8% of particles are filtered and the system also provides pleasant cooling for the welder.

Thanks to the (long life) lithium-ion battery, a usage time of up to 20 hours can be achieved.

An acoustic and visual alarm warns users of low batteries and when the filter is blocked or missing. An adjustable leather strap with side stabilizers and a flexible air hose at the back ensure optimum wearer comfort, as well as an optional 4-point harness (included in the Ergo version).

The system is used wherever the environmental conditions do not allow for optimum extraction of the welding fumes, such as during flexible welding tasks, work performed in confined spaces, and heavily contaminated ambient air.

Scope of supply - set: welding helmet (depending on the type), fan-filter unit Cpl., flexible hose, battery charging system, hard case, and operating instructions.

Scope Of Supply Fan-Filter Device (42,0510,0176):  fan-filter unit Cpl.,  flexible hose,  battery charging system,  hard-top case, and Operating Instruction

Shade level range 2,5/7-12 (man,) bzw, 2,5/5-12 (auto)
Maximum air flow / fresh-air supply Level 1: min, 170 nl/min Level 2: min, 210 nl/min Level 3: min, 240 nl/min
Switchover time / darken 0,09 ms
Switching time dark / light 0,1s-2,0sec (Dämmerungsfunktion)
Cartridge size [LxBxH] 58x125mm / 2,28x4,92"

Scope of supply - set: welding helmet Vizor Connect, fan-filter unit Cpl., flexible hose, battery charging system, hard case, and operating instructions.
Fan-Filter Device (42,0510,0176): fan-filter unit Cpl., flexible hose, battery charging system, hard-top case, and Operating Instruction