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What is static

Static on a car body panel refers to the accumulation of static electricity on the surface of the panel. When a car body panel becomes charged with static electricity, it can attract dust, dirt particles, and other airborne contaminants, which can negatively impact the paint job. Static electricity can cause various problems, including attracting dust and dirt particles, creating dark edges or shading, causing blending and colour match issues, resulting in uneven paint application, patches, and excess paint material usage.  READ OUR BLOG POST - WHAT IS STATIC?

The Solution

Introducing the Star Finish Anti Static Gun – the ultimate solution to eliminate static electricity and achieve flawless paint jobs. Are you tired of battling dust and particles that ruin your automotive spray painting projects? Look no further! This revolutionary anti-static spray gun is here to save the day.

Battery Operated

The Star Finish Anti-Static Gun is battery-operated and easy to use tool that removes static charge from car body panels prior to painting; simply connect an airline to it and press the trigger. 

The air that comes out of the gun has been positively charges by the electrodes and as you sweep over the panel to be painted it releases the negatively charged ions from the panel. reducing static.

Easy To Use 

Simply sweep over the panel as though you are painting it, concentrating on hollows and especially around the number plate area of bumpers. Sweep sideways vertically for the best results.

Use it every time you rub or clean a panel. It should be used in place of any airline blow-off gun.

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These problems can be expensive to correct, costing you time and money!

Designed for professionals like you, this CE-approved anti static gun is manufactured in France by MixPlast, known for its outstanding build quality. It features an ergonomic design and the latest nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery, providing powerful performance and a battery life of over four days. And don't worry about storage – it comes with a built-in strong magnet for convenient wall mounting

Experience top-quality results with less effort using the Star Finish Anti Stat Gun. Whether you're a seasoned automotive spray painter or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this remarkable tool will help you get a flawless finish.

Don't let static electricity ruin your paint jobs any longer.

Take action now and get your hands on the Star Finish Anti Stat Gun. 


Q1: How Long does the battery last between charges?

A1: The battery will give you five hours of work time between charges

Q2: Is there any consumable parts to the starfinish antis tatic gun?

A2" Yes, you will need to change the ionisation electrodes. Depending on use this could be twice a year.

Q3: How long is the starfinish anti static  gun warranty?

A3: The warranty period is 3 years.

- Improve metallic lay
- Increase Output
- Increase profitability (reducing times, reworks, or material used)
- Reduces "Faraday effect" (the effect between plastic and metal surfaces)
- Anti Stat Gun neutralizes the parts to be painted, and dust is no longer attracted.

Manufacturer - Mixplast

SKU - 3663-1

Voltage - 220v

Warranty - 3 years

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