A Great Bodyshop MIG Welder with 3 torches

SKU. 031814

A great MIG Welder with 3 torches for welding different materials without changing wires, etc. its ideal in any modern bodyshop enabling the welding of MIG Braze Steel and aluminium, simply by pressing the desired torch.

Synergic Programmes for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and MIG brazing of high-tensile strength steels with CuSi and CuAl wires (ideal for car body repairs).

IMS Is the industrial range of GYS France, giving great build quality for a very competitive price. Supported by our in-house engineers.

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2 torches, 2 integrated wire feeders + 1 Spool Gun - The MIG CARPRO 3 is a multifunctional and flexible machine designed to weld 3 different type of wire diameter at the same time. Its saving time by avoiding disassembling the torch and changing the wire reel for another job

Manufacturer: GYS-IMS
SKU: 031814
Supply: 400v
Feed Roll: 4 Roll
Output: 150 A @ 25%